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Hair Weft

Human Weft Hair Extensions from Fairwithhair

One of the most popular hair extension methods to extend your hair into and out of hair, it can also be used with the hair and sew hårtränsen, they can also be attached with glue, clips or microrings.

We sell only hair in high quality with real hair. Genuine weft blends naturally in your own hair and can just be cut, styled and dyed just like your natural hair. Take good care of your hair and you can lose it over and over again. Brazilian hair weft, Indian hair weaving, weft Asian and Caucasian hair weft.

Find the hair that suits you, we have straight, wavy and curly weft hair, in different lengths and colors so you can find the hair that matches your hair the best. The variety of possibilities is many, get your dream hairstyle with high quality hair! Order your hair today, we have almost deliveries on hair

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Genuine Human Weft Hair Extensions from Fairwithhair

With fairwithhair's genuine weft hair extension you get a hair extension, a hair weft, that can be easily adapted to all your wishes. Fairwithhair's hair extensions 100% genuine high quality human hair. A hair weft means the hair is attached to a long strip. It allows you to cut and customize your hair extension as you wish. For example, you can glue or sew the hair weft, glue the hair into your own hair, or create your own clip-on set for hair extension.

Advice for care of hair extensions

You take care of your hair extension just like you do with any other hair wefts or extensions. Your hair extension needs good care to stay lean and fresh for an extended period of time. We recommend that you wash your hair once or twice a week. Use our recommended hair care products for hair extensions, and a moisturizing serum and argan oil that keeps your hair soft. It is important that you always use a heat shield when you are flat, curl or blow dry your hair. High heat wears on the hair. So, use a custom brush for hair extensions to avoid unnecessary tangles and wear on your hair extensions.