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Hair Extensions

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Genuine hairextensions from Fair with Hair. Welcome to Fairwithhair. In this category of genuine hair, you will find genuine hair extensions of the highest quality. Stylish hairstyle with hair extensions! Which hairstyle you are looking for, there is something for everyone. Easily renew your look with genuine loose hair! We have a wide range of different types of genuine hair extensions, find your hair extensions here! Loose hair helps you get the length and fullness you want. We sell genuine hair extensions in many different qualities and price ranges. Here you will find Brazilian hair extensions, Indian hair extensions, European hair extensions and Asian hair extensions.

In our web shop we have high-quality loose hair that lasts a long time and gives you the natural and full-bodied hair extension you want. Genuine loose hair can be cut, washed, dyed and styled with heating tools just like your natural hair. Buy genuine hair hair online and get your dream hair. We always offer you 100% genuine hair of the highest quality possible.

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  1. Straight Double Drawn Brazilian weft hair
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Genuine Loose Hair Online from Fair with Hair

When you want to buy loose hair, it is important that you choose a supplier that puts you as a customer in the first place. The most important thing for us is to offer our customers a product that gives full-bodied, fresh and affordable hair that stays on for a long time. With us at Fairwithhair you will find both high quality loose hair and cheap loose hair online. Using our various hair extension methods, you can create a full-bodied and glamorous hair extension in an instant. A hair extension you want

All of our hair extension methods are easy to extend with, at home or at the salon. Whether you want to create a temporary hair extension for the evening or use a hair extensions that are in place for a long time, we are sure that we have a method that suits you. Our high demands on our hair care products allow you to flatten, lure and style your hair from Faiirwithhair, just as you wish, to achieve your dream hairstyle. But remember that a hair extensions, just like your own hair, need care and care. So take care of your hair and hair extension with good hair care products and heat protection, just as it would be your own. But no matter how many products you order, you always pay only SEK 0 in normal shipping.

Our hair removal methods
Below you will find all our hair extensions methods and information about each individual product, so that you can find the method that suits you.

Hair extension with keratin wax, Nailhair extensions:
Keratinvax hair extension is the most widely used hair extension method in the Swedish market. Keratin wax, Nailhair Extensions are for glued loops with keratin on. The keratin coils are attached to your own hair using a heat sink.

Hair Extension with Tape Hair Extensions:
Tape loose hair gives you a hair extension in a smooth, easy and gentle way. It is a method with small pre-taped pieces that look just like your scalp. This tape is specially adapted to attach to the customer's hair and not at all harmful.

Hair extension method sew loose hair:
Hair extension sewing loose hair is a popular hair extension method as more and more people discover the method. With hair extension sewing loose hair you make a braid, then sew loose hair on the braid where you want to place the hair extensions. The hair extension method sewing loose hair is the most gentle method according to many and fits Scandinavian hair very well.

Hair Extension Weaving Full Weave Method:
Hair Extension Full Weave is a popular hair extension method. With hair extension full weave you mean that you braid away all your own hair in addition to the front where you want your legs. Then you sew lintel hair on the braids where you want to place the hair extensions. The Full Weave hair extension method with leave out is one of the most gentle methods.

Hair extension method Weaving with closure or frontal:
Hair Extension Weave closure or weave with frontal is also a popular hair extension method. With hair extension full weave, one means that one removes all of his own hair. At the front, the entire hair extension is closed either by closure or frontal. The hair part (frontal) is what creates a natural hairline. Around the hair section, you then sew the hard hair where you want to place the hair.

Hair extension with Micror rings:
Hair extension with Microring is a gentle method for the hair that neither requires, wax or other chemicals. You clamp the bracket with a pliers, without heat. The brackets are small and barely visible when we use a color on the rings that match your own hair color. This method can be done on most types of hair.

Hair Extension Clip-in Extensions:
Hair extension with clip in is loose hair, is a hair extension with clips, clamps. The hair extension method is suitable for those who want a temporary hair extension, if you want to do something neat for an evening or just have it at some special occasion. The hair extension is easy to attach and to remove.

Hair Compensation with Top Piece:
A Top Piece in Genuine Hair provides maximum volume in just a few seconds. It is easily attached by means of a few clips on the inside. The hair section's thin and flexible design gives a natural result that can be styled and shaped into your hairstyle.

Hair extension with Latex paste:
Positive with latex adhesive hair extension: Latex adhesive is a loose hair glue that is used to glue hair trunks into their own hair. The fasteners that are glued become very flat and hardly visible