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Premium Full Lace wig

A Full Lace wig of genuine loose hair can be shaped and styled just like regular hair. Full Lace Wig means that the entire wig is handmade knot for the knot, therefore it looks like the hair grows from your own scalp. The result is a 100% natural wig. For example, you can have your hair combed back, middle legs, oblique doors etc. without seeing any perucant at the front and also have a high tuft

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Full Lace Wig & Handbag, Full Lace Wig Made of Virgin Hair, Brazilian, Asian Lingerie, High Quality & High Quality. A Full Lace wig by & auml; k & luml; sh & aring; rs is shaping and styling just as usual. Full Lace Wig inserts that it is handmade knot for knot, so it looks just like the hair straighteners produce your own hair, the bottom. With a Full Lace wig, you can change your hairstyle and make it available. For example, you can have hair, right back and forth, combed, center legs, oblique hatches, etc. without seeing anything, even at the front. But perhaps the most impressive thing about you is that you can have hair straightforward in your tassel or tails, and if you want to; can you glue the lace wig? that it is stuck for 1-3 weeks. S & aring; In short, a Full Lace Wig, Full Lace Wig is a great choice if you want a wig that gives a natural and natural look and at the same time gives you unimaginable possibilities of varying hairstyle and hair. styling. We advise you to treat yourself to a wig made of "cool hair". A wig of & ldquo; ll & ndl; ll & ndl; ll give you a natural look and feel; right is beautiful just as if it were your own hair. With our full lace wigs you can find yourself comfortable and like yourself, and look as you want!