Syntethic wigs

A synthetic wig is a cheaper alternative to a wig made of real hair. A cheap synthetic wig is a suitable alternative for you who like to be able to vary your look and want a good and affordable wig at a lower price. A Wig fits most people who want an affordable and lifelike wig, it suits you who want to try a lace wig for the first time or try a new hair color and hairstyle.

Our synthetic wigs are similar to human hair wigs but are often slightly shinier. Fairwithhair's synthetic wigs are made from high quality synthetic hair extensions. There are different types of synthetic fibres where kanekalon is one of the most common. Synthetic hair is available in many different colours and shades, but unfortunately cannot be dyed as the art-made hair strands do not absorb colour.

What does a synthetic wig cost? - A synthetic wig costs about SEK 300 -1500 SEK.

Can you sleep with a synthetic wig? - We do not recommend sleeping with a synthetic wig as it will cause a lot of damage to the wig

Can you dye a synthetic wig? - Wigs in synthetic fibre cannot be dyed, only wigs of real hair can be dyed.

Can you curl a synthetic wig? - It is possible to curl a synthetic wig with a maximum heat of 120 degrees, if the wig is heat resistant.

Can you wash synthetic hair extensions? - Just as you wash your own hair, your wig also needs to be washed and cared for. How often the wig needs to be washed depends on how often you use it, how much you style and how much you sweat.

How long does a wig last? - A wig in synthetic fibre lasts with normal use and proper care for about four to six months, sometimes longer. Longevity is affected by, many things, how much you expose your wig to heat, how often you use it and how much you sweat.

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