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Straight virgin hair

Virgin hair extensions are 100% genuine human hair. The high quality makes it possible to dye, flatten, curl and style according to taste and preference.
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Brazilian hair extensions/Peruvian hair/Virgin Hair

  • Length: optional
  • Weight: approximately 90-100 grams
  • Durability: 6-12 months
  • Advantage: The hair extensions can  be dyed and bleached
  • Methods for extensions: braiding, gluing, micro rings, weaving and clips

Virgin Hair is a genuine hair extension similar to real Brazilian hair extension. Brazilian hair extension is the best hair extension on the market, with a longevity of 1 two 2 years if it is well kept. 


Our Virgin hair extensions is 100 % tangle free genuine hair extensions  sold as wefts.  It comes both as curly hair and straight hair. The curly hair can be made straight, and styled according to wishes while the straight hair can be made curly and likewise be styled in any manner. After washing the hair extensions will return to its original state as straight or curly.

How many wefts do I need:
1.If you have very short hair, you need at least 2-3 wefts to get a normal hair extension, but if you want a really full and sexy look (and have short hair), we recommend 3 bundles.

2.If you have long hair, we recommend at least 1-2 packages of hair extensions to get a full hair extension.

NOTE: The longer the hair extensions are, the shorter the weft is in width, but it does not affect the weight. And the longer the hair weft is, the more you need.


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More Information
Kvalité & GarantiPremium Virgin hair löshåret kan färgas. Premium Virgin Hair är ett äkta löshår som liknar brasilianskt löshår. Brasilianskt löshår är det bästa löshåret på marknaden, med en hållbarhet på 1 till 2 år om man tar väl hand om det. Vårt Premium Virgin Hair Löshår är ett utmärkt 100% äkta trasselfritt löshår på träns/ weft. Löshåret kan plattas, lockas och stylas enligt önskemål och vid tvätt återgår löshåret alltid till sin ursprungliga form, dvs rakt, vågigt, lockigt eller krulligt igen.
StructureStraight Hair
QyalityVery Good Hair
Private ProductNo
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