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Brown Lace Wig Heat Resistant

Brown lace wig of High Quality - straight Synthetic Fiber Hair

A Straight Lace wig is suitable for those who want an affordable natural wig. The wig is made of a synthetic heat resistant material that both looks and feels a bit like real hair.

Since it is a lace wig that is hand knotted around the hairline, the wig gives an impression where it looks like the hairs are growing from your own head.

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Brown lace wig of High Quality - Straight Synthetic Fiber Hair

Straight Lace wig is made from a synthetic heat resistant material similar to real hair. Suitable for those who want a natural wig. Lace means that the wig has a skin-like lace material around the hairline where it is handmade knot for knot. This gives a natural impression where it looks like the hairs are growing from your own bottom.

Style: Brown lace wig, straight hair extension

Length:18 inches = 45cm

Size: One size medium, fits all

Hairstyle: The net you shape according to your own hairline by cutting and shaping it. You can also cut exactly the hairstyle you want at your hairdresser or keep the wig's natural hairstyle.

Quality: Heat resistant synthetic fiber heat resistant up to 190 C. Affordable synthetic loose hair.

Lace Wig means that the outer parts of the Lace wig (ie what is normally seen on the forehead, temples, around the ears, etc.) are hand knotted on a thin Lace mesh. This part of the Lace wig makes the wig itself barely visible or felt and it gives an airy and comfortable feeling as it breathes well through the fine mesh. The back of the wig is machine-sewn, in an airy and hollow design. In the neck, the Front Lace wig has adjustable buckles that are sewn on.

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More Information
Color Brun
Structure Straight hair
Qyality Synthetic Hair
Private Product No