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Wavy Brazilian weft hair

Wavy Brazilian Remy hair extensions. Our hair is 100% real human hair. It can be colored and bleached as desired. The hair is strong, shiny, soft and tangle free.

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Wavy brazilian weft hair extensions of the highest quality!

Our wavy Brazilian hair extensions is strong hair and naturally shiny. The weft is made of 100% genuine untreated hair.


Quantity: 100 grams per hair weft

Quality: The hair can be colored and bleached

Duration: Can be reused many times

Extension method: Weaving, glue, micro rings, clip-in


Many believe that Brazilian hair extensions are among the best and most exclusive hair extensions available, which is why Brazilian hair extensions a very popular hair among those who have high standards, where quality is critical. The quality is so high that the extensions can be bleached, dyed, flattened and styled as desired. The duration is up to 1-2 years if taken good care of.


Brazilian hair extensions are natural strong hair where the hair had not been treated with chemicals like Teflon and silicon to become silky and tangle-free, because the hair is already in its natural state is very strong, soft and tangle free. Therefore costing Brazilian hair extensions more than usual hairpiece, but it pays off in the long run because its quality is superior and you can reuse the hair many times.


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Kvalité & GarantiÄkta luxury nail hair av brasilianskt löshår. Luxury nail hair är ett lyxlöshår med starka, mjuka och glänsande hårstrån. Vårt brasilianska löshår är 100% äkta virgin remy löshår. Brasilianskt löshår är ett av det bästa håren som finns. Därför är brasilianskt löshår ett av de populäraste löshårs alternativ för de med krav på hög kvalité. Löshåret går att färga, platta, locka och styla precis som man vill. Brasilianskt löshår är i sitt naturliga tillstånd starkt, mjukt, glänsande och trasselfritt. Hållbarheten på håret i original skick och god skötsel är upp till 2 år.
StructureKinky Straight hair
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